Zuill Bailey

Zuill Bailey

Zuill Bailey grew up in Northern Virginia, where he was influenced and inspired by Rostropovich, who was then Director of the National Symphony. His parents are musicians. His mother is a pianist and his father has a Doctorate in both music and education. His sister is a violinist.

As an energetic four year old, while running furiously down a back hallway following a concert, Zuill Bailey had his first “run- in ” with a cello. The instrument was broken following the encounter but not Bailey’s spirit. He announced then that the cello would be his instrument of choice. The rest is history.

Mr. Bailey’s performance instrument is made by the great Venetian cello maker, Matteo Gofriller in 1693. The instrument was used for 30 years by Mischa Schneider of the Budapest String Quartet. “Cello Bailey” accompanies Zuill Bailey on airlines throughout his world travels.

Zuill Bailey insures involvement in every community he visits by participating in outreach programs. He works diligently to make classical music accessible to all, primarily children everywhere.

Zuill Bailey is Artistic Director of El Paso Pro Musica, (Texas), the Sitka Summer Music Festival, (Alaska), the Northwest Bach Festival ( Washington), the Mesa Arts Center Series (Arizona) and Professor of Cello at the University of Texas at El Paso.


“The whole performance proved Zuill Bailey to be a hero fittingly worthy of a Hemingway tale.”
– The Roanoke Times

“Headliner Zuill Bailey proved to be a strong advocate for the work, digging into the cello passionately. His performance was marked by strong musicianship, and his daring playing resulted in magnificent communication.”
– Go Triad

“Zuill Bailey plays with a passion unparalleled to almost any performer I’ve even seen. It’s as if he cradles his cello whispering to it sweet nothings with his eyes closed. That might sound boring except for the fact that his technical execution is so masterful it will leave you amazed.”
– The Rogers Revue